Even the shower turns into a balneotherapy moment

Thanks to the rain skies, even the shower turns into a balneotherapy moment. The water is in turn soothing, draining and invigorating. It's up to you to choose your jet: tropical rain, mist, waterfall or central fall. Finally, if you have a little more room, place side jets on both sides of the wall. They will relieve back pain just like during a cure.

The principle is simple, around twenty nozzles diffuse air and water. They are specifically placed in the lateral and dorsal areas. The rain skies are wide to diffuse and completely cover the user with water. They are tiltable and offer several effects: a mist, for a feeling of softness on the skin or, on the contrary, an XXL waterfall delivered by a tonic jet. Some cabins offer a bench to enjoy this massage session without getting tired. The pressurized water jets of the hydromassage shower enclosures eliminate toxins and calm your senses. The water jets act locally: from the head, to the neck, from the shoulders to the back to the arch of the foot. A hydromassage shower usually uses a lot of water. To avoid overconsumption of water, in high-end systems, water consumption is limited to 14 liters in recirculation mode. And for always more sensations, but always more economy, the water is enriched with air, so that the drops are lighter and softer, and above all, the water consumption is reduced. Find  wide range of jucuzzi tubs on sale at great prices at Tropicspa with Laurant Lalague.


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