Where and how to install your spa?

Buying spa has been trotting your head for some time? it is an excellent idea! It is the material of choice for the followers of relaxation and well-being. But where is the ideal place to install it? You have the choice between inside and outside. If you opt for indoor installation, be sure to find a location that is both solid and waterproof. The ground must be able to support the weight of the filled spa but also the weight of all the people inside; not to mention the splash. When it comes to setting up indoors, it is very important to ensure ventilation. Because the lack of ventilation can lead to the destruction of the floor, the wall and the ceiling via mold. However, if you choose an outdoor installation, a few points must be observed. First, do not put the spa in a sunny location as the cover and skirt may be easily damaged. And since it's indoors, make sure you have a good view. And the other option that you might like is the setting up on the terrace. It is indeed in height. Infrastructures are then required, and some parameters must be respected. In fact, make sure that your pontoon or raised structure can also support the maximum weight of the filled spa with the maximum weight of the number of occupants using it. It is therefore a good idea to know beforehand the maximum weight that your structure can support and ensure that it is greater than the maximum weight of the filled tubs jacuzzi combined with that of the number of occupants using the spa. Otherwise, serious injury or damage to the structure could occur. To do this, consult the Technical Specifications Table for your Spa. So now it's up to you to make the choice, because the spa is the little gem that will radically change your daily life and make you enjoy pleasant moments.


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